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PASBA Membership Information

Hear what PASBA has done for our members. 

PASBA Represents Certified Public Accountants, Public Accountants, and Enrolled Agents who provide accounting services to small businesses throughout the United States. PASBA focuses on helping accountants view themselves as owners of accounting business as opposed to just being an "accountant". The Association serves to help you grow your practice while maintaining high standards of customer service and satisfaction.    

The following are benefits of membership in the Association:

  • National Meetings
  • Regional Meetings          
  • Networking
  • Blueprint for Success Manuals
  • Practice Evaluation
  • On-Line Business Forum             
  • Mentor Program             
  • Website 

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If you would like to have a membership packet emailed to you or if you would like to discuss Association membership, email us at or call (866) 296-0001.

PASBA is composed of accounting firm owners who meet at regional and national meetings and communicate through an online forum to improve their business skills and their accounting practices. The members who belong to the association have learned that by improving their marketing, sales, management and personnel management skills, they can provide their services more efficiently, manage their business more effectively, and increase their profits.

National Meetings - Members convene each May and November at locations throughout the United States. The May conference is devoted to Marketing and statistical reviews of members' practices. The November meeting emphasizes Management issues such as production levels, staffing, personnel and preparing for tax season. In addition to the conference, there is a special seminar on the management of payroll as a part of your accounting practice.

Our next Conference will be May 7 - 10, 2018 in Sunny Isles, FL.  More information, including the link to registration, will be sent out in February.

Bookkeeper / Supervisor Training Seminars - Each September, members' bookkeepers and supervisors meet in a central location for training, from beginning to advanced.  Many members also attend this meeting for the owners forum/discussion group.

Regional Meetings Regional Meetings are scheduled by members in each region and are generally held in an office of one of the attendees. A cost, if any, is determined by the program and location, and can vary among  regions. Some regions have scheduled meetings every month and some less frequently. 

  • Central
  • Northeast
  • Southern 
  • Florida Mid Atlantic
  • Southwest Northern CA

Networking- As an Association member you can tap into a nationwide network of knowledgeable, experienced accountants who also specialize in the small business clients. This can be invaluable in helping to better serve your clients and grow your practice.

Blueprint for Success Series- This new series offered to members consists of eight separate manuals: 

  • The Owners Manual
  • The Manager's Manual
  • The Client Accounting Manual
  • The Trainer's Manual
  • The Bookkeeping Training Manual
  • The Payroll Training Manual 
  • The Client Payroll Manual 
  • The Marketing Manual - Vol 1 & Vol 2 

Practice Evaluation- As a benefit of membership in the Association, you may tap into the expertise of the membership to help build your practice. With this program, you receive practice improvement consulting for the cost of travel expenses for your mentor. The consulting is free!

On-Line Business Forum- This service allows you a fast and efficient means to communicate with other members around the country. You can ask questions, offer suggestions, or simply review what others are discussing.

Mentor Program- This program is designed to link accountants looking for specific assistance with members recognized as having skills or expertise in those areas, as well as providing members the opportunity to assist others grow their practice.

Website- Not only is the PASBA website filled with information to help you stay up-to-date on the Association, it also provides a referral listing of our members to the public. This listing can also be used by members to locate other members. The association continues to update the website with the most current information available.