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Eric Alstrom
Phone: 716-534-4100

Andrew Parrish Jr.
Phone: 401-949-5200

Alternate Tax Solutions is the CPAs back office provider for R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, Business Valuation services and more!

Dhananjay Dave
Phone: 781-503-9012

Analytix Finance & Accounting is a technology-driven full-service provider for small business accounting firms. With an experienced team of accounting professionals, we offer a full range of accounting services, from bookkeeping to part-time CFO, accounting systems integration, and more. With our partner model, you can use us during peak periods of business or integrate us fully into your financial operations.

Victoria Crucet
Phone: 770-641-9100

Apex® HCM is a market leader in licensing cloud‐based payroll and HR software technology and over 300 payroll service firms and vendors nationally use Apex’s technology as the core of their business foundation. Apex’s customizable, comprehensive suite of products and services include payroll, payroll tax, human capital management, applicant tracking and onboarding, time and attendance, reporting, manager and employee self-service, ACA compliance, mobile apps, workers’ compensation, payroll debit cards and other business management tools normally reserved for large enterprises, now available to any business size. Apex’s cutting‐edge, cloud‐based technology allows its customers to effectively compete feature‐for‐feature with larger established firms while dramatically improving their workforce productivity.

Matthew Banker
Phone: 612-987-3031

Web design and digital marketing services for accounting and CPA firms.

Chuck Bauer
Phone: 972-740-4559

Offering a 7.5% discount to PASBA members!

A Whole New Way To Experience Professional Coaching for Accountants - Our average student typically sees a 200%+ ROI in their investment in our LIVE training program within 1-2 months of beginning the course!

Certified Concierge Accountant Mastermind Group from coaches Chuck Bauer and Jackie Meyer are designed just for you! We're here to completely overhaul how your tax firm operates. You can expect improved results in new revenues, increased revenue per client, securing new dream clients, politely letting go of nightmare clients, better profit margins, and a decrease in time worked.

You won’t be counting down days until your next day off or vacation anymore, we promise! The only thing holding you back from you is you.


Chuck Bauer
Phone: 972-740-4559

High-Level Professional Business & Sales Development. Offering a 15% discount to PASBA members for life!

Chris Ford 
Phone: 866-353-0249

CID Practice Management is a tool designed by a PASBA firm for PASBA firms. Effectively manage your time, clients, staff, and production. Provides critical tools to better manage your accounting and tax practice so that you know exactly the status of key issues at any time. With this program you will be in a position for the first time to actually see the more critical areas of your practice in "real time".

Just a few of the questions that this program will answer includes: Which clients are being properly serviced, and which ones need attention? Which staff are performing up to standard, and which ones are not? Which clients are being charged properly, and which ones are under priced? What is the client’s average hourly rate and what do we need to do to raise it? Which clients are falling behind in production, and which ones are current? Which clients are we waiting on for information, and which ones do we have? Which clients have we recently made meaningful contact with, and which ones not?

Kevin Sharma
Phone: 888-693-6248

Doc.It provides of a complete Suite of document management, workflow and web portal solutions for accounting firms, allowing them to improve their level of client service, reduce data security risks and control cost by offering the best value and to consolidate up to 7 software applications.

Shawn Edgington

Phone: 800-493-2667

At E-COMP, we want to support your company by providing an easy, high quality no-deposit workers’ compensation insurance experience to you and your clients through technology integrations. When it comes to moving your business forward, E-COMP is here to help. The pros of partnering with E-COMP include:

-Simple Broad risk appetite – We can cover 90 percent of class codes through our broad range of carrier offerings.
-Online experience – Submit quotes quickly and see pricing from multiple carriers in real-time.
-Opportunities to grow and diversify your revenue plus increase your retention levels.
-Guided by technology, combined with personal experience – We’re available to help answer questions and guide clients with selecting the right carrier for their business.
Good for you, good for your clients – E-COMP offers businesses an affordable, dependable and seamless real time experience.

E-COMP NOW’s partner solution is designed to help you improve the customer experience, create value for your customers and drive revenue with ease. Discover what a partnership with E-COMP can do for you by reaching out to or give us a call @ 888-493-2667.



Mary Jacobs
Phone: 616-675-4379

Forms & Fulfillment Services offers a wide selection of products including Blank and Preprinted Laser Checks and Envelopes, Blank and Preprinted Pressure Seal Checks, as well as all Federal and State Specific Laser and Pressure Seal Tax forms.

Additional products include Delivery Envelopes, Inserters, Pressure Seal Equipment, and Tax Preparation Folders to name a few. Tens of thousands of promotional and marketing items such as company branded apparel, calendars, cups, golf balls, marketing mailers, mouse pads, pens, and presentation folders are available through our website.

Forms & Fulfillment Services provides only the very best quality products guaranteed. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer the lowest prices and will beat any competitor’s price guaranteed.

Chuck Billone
Phone: 800-947-3156

Gulf Management Systems, Inc. (GMS) is a merchant service provider. We've been offering electronic payment processing to small and medium size companies since 1992. With almost 30 years of payment processing experience, it's safe to say we are most definitely payment experts.



Adam Stern, President
Phone: 310-746-5683 ext. 1101

Infinitely Virtual offers the widest array of products and services based on revolutionary hosted virtual dedicated server and cloud computing technologies.

Vivek Shah
Phone: 754-258-4994

Infinity Globus is a Leading Global Outsourcing Company. We help Accountants, CPAs, EA and finance leaders to move beyond the conventional finance and bookkeeping functions. Our goal is to enable accountants to take the leap from transactional to the strategic side of expanding the business.

Lesley Lyons
Phone: 678-793-3279

The isolved Network provides HR service bureaus and their clients with access to isolved People Cloud, a contemporary, proprietary and secure single source human capital management (HCM) platform that helps Network partners improve operational efficiencies and accelerate growth. Beyond being a best-in-class HCM technology provider, the power of the isolved Network is the community of experts, programs and resources designed to help our partners maximize success. Learn more at

Todd Richardson
Phone: 701-461-7975

Kotapay, specializes in processing electronic transactions. For over 25 years, we have provided fast, accurate electronic transaction services to more than 74,000 companies. Our premium services, features, detailed reporting and flexibility set us apart.

Behind the scenes of an electronic transaction, multiple financial institutions, including the Federal Reserve Bank, form a complex network to ensure the movement of funds. Kotapay seamlessly manages the transactions, to ensure your funds reach their intended destination.

Shannon Hay
Phone: 614-648-9199

Live Oak strives to help you master your business and achieve your dreams. We know the work that you put in, day in and day out, to be a successful accountant. Your small business is more than just your livelihood – it’s who you are. Live Oak Bank offers loans and financial solutions nationwide for accountants and funding your business is just the beginning of our relationship. With our dedication to efficiency, collaboration and in-depth knowledge of the accounting industry, we’ll take you where you need to go.

Our team of industry experts fully understands the nuances of your specific business model, and we want to invest in you because we know you’re ready to make an impact. Beyond the traditional banking experience, we strive to be an asset to each one of our customers by turning obstacles into opportunities. Let our team confidently guide you through the lending process and craft a unique plan that will help you and your business thrive.


Balaji Manohar
Phone: 818-485-1040

Outsourcing Services for CPA Firms for Tax, Bookkeeping & Business Management and Audit & Assurance

Sean Manning
Phone: 303-763-1828

The Mastery Network provides an online education program called Core Mastery - Core 24 that is designed to be delivered by professionals to help support an advisory service program. The program teaches business and entreprenuership topics.

Rob Ferrini
Phone: 508-656-1327

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Risk-management/loss prevention services



Vincent Howard
Phone: 407-333-8110

Learning Management System


Tammy Tucker
Phone: 479-695-2111

National Crime Search, LLC is a nationwide provider of full-service pre-employment screening, including background checks, volunteer screening, drug screening and Form I-9/E-Verify management.

Jim Hagen
Phone: 813-222-0333

In business for over 25 years, NatPay remains a top leader in ACH and document distribution solutions. We process more than $100+ billion annually for 225,000+ ACH clients nationwide. NatPay’s Doculivery online document management platform features a web-hosted SaaS solution that includes but is not limited to: online pay statements, tax forms, bills, invoices with click-to-pay capabilities, HR, CSR/CRM, and other custom solutions. NatPay is HIPAA compliant, and a SSAE 18 (SOC 1) Type 2 examined organization for both ACH and document distribution solutions.

Kevin Hsu
Phone: 617-935-0530

We are entrepreneurs who work with founders, business owners, and employees to acquire, build and grow enduring, profitable small business accounting firms.

We invest patient, long-term capital in our companies. We operate with integrity and humility, and we build lasting value for customers and employees. If you are considering retirement, succession, an exit plan, or just want to learn more, please feel free to contact us.


Sean Smiley
Phone: 617-935-0530

ERC Expert is 100% focused on helping small businesses to secure the benefits of the Employee Retention Credit stimulus program. Developed out of the immediate need to ease small business losses during the Covid-19 crisis, the ERC federal tax program rewards qualifying businesses who retained employees during each quarter of 2020 and 2021. To help clients navigate the complex ERC provisions, our highly trained advisors provide free consultations to organizations with fewer than 500 employees.

We have teamed up with Profitopia, a nationwide accounting firm which provides the expertise of seasoned CPAs. ERC is not a loan that needs to be repaid, but a tax credit of up to $26,000 per qualified employee to help businesses and nonprofits stabilize and grow after the pandemic downturn. To take full advantage of this unprecedented and time-limited opportunity, do not delay in contacting us. ERC Expert can do a complete analysis to determine if your organization qualifies.

Shannon Vincent
Phone: 510-693-7077

ReNew Group is an ROI-based methodology that transforms small to mid-sized accounting firms into highly profitable firms by leading with advisory, commanding premium pricing and working with the right clients.

ReNew’s numbers-based starting point and recurring accountability yields a firm with less tax season, more profits, and better clients.


Kelli Gift
Phone: 717-608-2909

We support your hiring and onboarding process by providing the Kolbe assessments and making recommendations that help you decide if the prospective employee is a good fit. Most importantly, we save precious payroll dollars by delivering insight that will allow your team to help understand your employee's strengths. When you know your employees' strengths, you can manage the employee by leaning into their talents. All of this allows your business to shorten the time it takes to onboard new talent reducing training time based upon our expanding on their DNA so that you can begin receiving a return on investment on your hire much quicker than had you not utilized our valuable services.

Daniel Moshe
Phone: 651-235-4895

Tech Guru specializes in IT strategy, security, and support for accounting firms. Most IT firms are generalists who work with all types of companies. We specifically serve accounting firms. We understand your needs, have a deep knowledge of the software you use to run your business, and understand how different tools impact your workflow. 

We have been providing IT support for over 18 years, solving technology challenges for businesses like yours nationwide. We are your technology consultant, installation specialist, and service desk all in one. 

Whether you need help deciding on new technology investments or support with your current tech, we can help you run your business more efficiently by improving your technology. 

Tech Guru gives you the peace of mind that your tech is secure, supported, and fully utilized so that you can spend your time working to grow your business.

Ryan Thien
Phone: 864-210-9877

Find the best candidates for your CPA firm. We know the common roles at your firm because we work only with CPA firms. We provide recruitment and personnel consulting services for small to mid-sized CPA firms.